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Carbon Neutral Design

Carbon neutral consulting business is the core business of Tianqing, which includes capacity-building training, carbon emission consulting and management, carbon management software design, carbon neutral planning solutions, etc.

The specific elements of the Carbon neutral consulting businesses are as follows:

·Training: Targeted training on basic carbon theoretical knowledge, carbon emission, carbon verification, carbon emission rights, carbon asset management, new carbon reduction technologies and other modules for clients in different fields.

·Carbon emission consulting and management: including carbon emission monitoring plan formulation and update, carbon emission mapping and reporting, etc. We help clients to formulate and update their monitoring plans, and at the same time, provide them with a reliable and systematic self-checking and calculation of carbon emissions, so as to clarify their carbon background and provide an important basis for subsequent carbon emission and carbon asset management, peak carbon emission and carbon neutral planning.

·Carbon Emission Management Software Design: To help customers manage carbon emissions systematically, Tianqing can design carbon management software for customers. With the help of the software, customers can easily and accurately calculate enterprise carbon emissions and carbon intensity, effectively respond to carbon verification, predict carbon peak and carbon neutral time, and understand low carbon information in real time, etc.

·Carbon Neutral Planning Solution: Based on the actual carbon emission situation of clients, we provide carbon neutral planning solutions for clients by combining practical carbon emission reduction technologies, financing methods and carbon emission management software.


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