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Green Climate Consulting

As a green climate consultant, Tianqing can assist government departments in improving climate change policies and project planning, building green climate capacity, establishing green project evaluation guidelines, assessing green mitigation and adaptation projects, etc. We can help companies build green climate capacity, assist them in establishing a sound environmental and social management system, and effectively connect with international multilateral climate funds such as GCF.

The specific elements of the Green Climate Consulting businesses are as follows:

Green climate capacity building for domestic and international government departments/financial institutions.

Assisting government departments in improving policies and project planning to address climate change.

Establishing green project assessment guidelines, assessing green mitigation and adaptation projects for government departments.

Construction and improvement of environmental and social management systems (ESMS) for enterprises and projects.

Assist financial institutions in applying for GCF as an implementing agency.

Addressing climate change policies and relevant research:

GEF and the World Bank’s China Energy Efficiency Financing (CHEEF) Projects;

Perfection and upgrading of Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Accredited Entity Application for the Export-Import Bank of China;National Development and Reform Commission, GEF and World Bank China Climate Technology Needs Assessment Project

Related Subject Research of the “Belt and Road” Initiative: Economic and Technological Cooperation and Related Suggestions between China and Key Countries in West Asia and North Africa.

Subject Research of the “National Key Research and Development Program” for the Ministry of Science and Technology: Sub-project of the Technology and Equipment Development on the Utilization of the Oxygenated Ventilation Air Methane (VAM)-the Research on VAM Concentration Regulation Technology.

Providing preliminary Due Diligence, Financing Evaluation, Market Research, Post Assessment and Monitoring, Project Execution Reports and other advisory services for large-scale enterprises at home and abroad on the business of tackling climate change.


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