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Project manager (4)

Job description:

1) Participating in customer communication and energy saving and emission reduction project development; responsible for writing and submitting project design documents and monitoring reports etc.; responsible for project reporting, validation and certification;

2) Responsible for the research, evaluation, and the linking of provider and users of new technology;

3) Providing enterprises with project financing consulting and helping enterprises to achieve the comprehensive management of carbon assets; writing all kinds of international financial organization required financial reports.


Basic Personal Requirements:

1) Believing in the green climate cause, acting with integrity, hard-working, ambitious, meticulous, courteous, pioneering spirit, strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit, strong tolerance for stress, can adapt to demanding and tiring domestic and overseas travel;

2) Ability to think independently and innovate, have good learning habits and continuous self-learning ability, have strong analysis and problem-solving abilities, ability to work independently and implement projects.


Working Requirements:  

1) Master or higher education degree, large breadth of knowledge. No limits on area of expertise, but science and engineering, energy, environment, finance, and other related majors are preferred.

2) Applicants with project investment and financing experience, contract energy management, and green credit experience are preferred;

3) Applicants able to work as soon as possible (possibly already living in Beijing) are preferred;

4) Applicants who speak native or fluent English are preferred. Ideally the applicant should also speak at least basic Chinese as well as a third language.

5) People able to use software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, etc. ;

6) People able to travel easily within and outside of China are preferred;


Compensations and benefits: will obtain working visa for applicant, meal allowance, project performance bonus (commission), phone correspondence allowance.


Once hired, employee is expected to begin work immediately.

Interested parties please email resume to the following address: henrysha@tqpower.net


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