Solution to pipeline leakage of integrated sewage treatment equipment
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In order to better understand the knowledge related to integrated sewage treatment equipment, the following will introduce the treatment method for pipeline leakage of integrated sewage treatment equipment:

If the integrated sewage treatment equipment pipeline is found to be leaking, it should be shut down immediately, and the leaked sewage should be strictly managed and all discharged back to the adjustment tank for reprocessing; the maintenance personnel should be notified to repair and plug the leakage of the pipeline with electric welding; if there is a fault, the integrated sewage treatment should be If the equipment cannot operate normally, the standby sewage reservoir should be activated immediately to avoid environmental pollution caused by sewage discharge.

If the fault cannot be ruled out within a few days, contact the tanker to transport the sewage to the sewage treatment station for treatment, and organize personnel to repair it, notify the equipment manufacturer to arrange after-sales personnel to troubleshoot the fault as soon as possible, or notify the equipment manufacturer in writing of the details of the on-site fault so that the technical personnel can Analyze failures.

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