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As a green climate consultant, Tianqing can assist government departments to improve climate change policies and project planning, build green climate capabilities, establish green project evaluation guidelines, evaluate green mitigation and adaptation projects, etc.; we can conduct green climate capabilities for enterprises and institutions. Build and assist it to establish and improve its environmental and social management system, and effectively connect with international multilateral climate funds such as GCF.

The specific business of green climate consultants is as follows:

l Green climate capacity building of domestic and foreign government departments/financial institutions;

l Assist government departments to improve climate change policies and project planning;

l Establish green project evaluation guidelines for government departments and evaluate green mitigation and adaptation projects;

l Construction and improvement of the environmental and social management system (ESMS) of enterprises and projects;

l Assisting financial institutions to apply for GCF executive agencies;

l Policy and research on climate change;

- GEF and World Bank China Energy Conservation Financing Project (CHEEF): the improvement and upgrading of the Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) of the Export-Import Bank of China and the application of the National Executive Agency of the Green Climate Fund (GCF);

- National Development and Reform Commission, GEF and World Bank China Climate Change Technology Needs Assessment TNA Project;

- National Development and Reform Commission's "Belt and Road" related topics: research on economic and technological cooperation between China and key countries in West Asia and North Africa and related suggestions;

- Research on the "National Key R&D Program" of the Ministry of Science and Technology: the key technology and equipment development sub-project for the utilization of gas exhaust gas in coal mines: Research on the concentration adjustment technology of gas exhaust gas;

- Provide consulting services such as preliminary due diligence, financing assessment, market research, post-assessment and monitoring, and project execution reports for large domestic and foreign enterprises in response to climate change.

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