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Carbon neutrality consulting business is the core business of Tianqing, including capacity building training, carbon emission consulting and management, carbon management software design, carbon neutrality planning scheme, etc.

The specific business of carbon neutrality consulting is as follows:

l Training: For customers in different fields, provide targeted training on basic carbon theoretical knowledge, carbon emissions, carbon verification, carbon emission rights, carbon asset management, and new carbon reduction technologies.

l Carbon emission consultation and management: including carbon emission monitoring plan formulation and update, carbon emission investigation and reporting, etc. Help clients formulate and update monitoring plans, and at the same time provide customers with correct and systematic self-inspection and calculation of carbon emissions, find out the carbon background, and provide an important basis for subsequent carbon emissions and carbon asset management, carbon peaking and carbon neutral planning.

l Carbon emission management software design: In order to help customers systematically manage carbon emissions, Tianqing can design carbon management software for customers. Customers can use the software to conveniently and accurately calculate the carbon emissions and carbon intensity of enterprises, effectively respond to carbon verification, and predict carbon emissions. Peak, carbon neutrality time, real-time low carbon information, etc.

l Carbon neutral planning scheme: According to the actual carbon emissions of customers, combined with feasible carbon emission reduction technologies, financing methods and carbon emission management software, to provide customers with carbon neutral planning schemes.

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