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What should be paid attention to in the installation and maintenance of domestic sewage treatment equipment
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Living sewage treatment equipment is the company's main production equipment. This product is mainly used in the treatment of wastewater generated by living quarters, communities and villages and towns across the country. Our company not only produces sewage treatment equipment, but also installs, debugs and maintains sewage treatment equipment for customers free of charge. At the same time, it also trains the maintenance and management personnel of the equipment free of charge for customers, so what problems should be paid attention to in installation and maintenance Here is a brief introduction for reference:

Installation of domestic sewage treatment equipment: This equipment has two installation forms, one is to be installed above the floor, and the other is to be installed below the floor. According to the installation drawing and the basic drawing, the size and specifications of the concrete floor of the equipment are the same as the plane installation drawing (basic) . The average pressure of the foundation is required to be more than 5t/㎡, and the foundation must be level. If the equipment is installed under the floor, the relative elevation of the foundation floor is the same as the height of the equipment, and the surrounding excavation width must be more than 500mm away from the edge of the foundation in order to install pipes. According to the water inlet and outlet positions in the installation drawing, lift the equipment with a crane, adjust the spacing, and connect the pipes.

There are the following problems in the installation process of the equipment: the size and specification of the concrete foundation of the equipment should be the same as the plane installation drawing of the equipment, the average pressure bearing of the foundation must meet the requirements of the product specification, and the foundation must be level. It must be less than or equal to the equipment elevation, and ensure that no water will accumulate when it rains. In order to prevent the equipment from floating, the foundation should be embedded with anti-floating rings. 1. The equipment should be installed in sequence according to the installation drawing. The position and direction of the boxes must not be wrong, and the distance between them must be accurate, so as to connect the pipelines. After the equipment is installed in place, the equipment and the anti-floating ring on the foundation should be connected with bandages. , to prevent the device from floating

2. In order to ensure the smooth flow of equipment pipelines, the inclination of certain equipment or pipelines should be ensured according to the requirements of the product manual.

3. After the domestic sewage treatment equipment is installed, clean water should be injected into the equipment to check whether there is leakage in each pipeline. For geographical equipment, after confirming that there is no leakage in the pipeline, inject clean water 30~50cm deep into the foundation, and then Cover the box with soil all the way to the equipment inspection hole and level the ground. When connecting the power lines of the water pump, fan and other equipment, pay attention to the direction of the fan and motor. 4. Equipment debugging. After the integrated sewage treatment equipment is installed, system debugging can be carried out, that is, to cultivate the biofilm on the seasoning, the sewage pump will pump the sewage into the equipment according to the rated flow, start the fan for aeration, and observe the contact pool every day. The condition of the filler, such as an orange-yellow or black film growing on the filler, indicates that the biofilm has been cultivated well, and this process generally takes 7-15 days. In the case of industrial sewage treatment equipment, it is best to use domestic sewage to cultivate biofilms, and then gradually enter the industry for biofilm training sewage.

5. The integrated sewage treatment equipment for the operation of the equipment is generally fully automatic control or non-power type, and does not need to be equipped with special management personnel, but the following matters should be paid attention to during the operation of the equipment; when starting up, the aeration fan must be started first, and gradually open The aeration pipe valve, and then start the sewage pump. When shutting down, the sewage pump must be turned off first, and the aeration fan must be turned off. If there is less sewage or no sewage, in order to ensure the normal growth of the biofilm, so that the biofilm does not die and fall off, the fan can intermittently Start, the start cycle is 2h, and each running time is 30min. 6. It is strictly forbidden to enter the equipment with sand, soil and difficult-to-degrade wastes. These substances are difficult to biodegrade, and will cause pipeline blockage to prevent harmful and toxic chemicals from entering the equipment. These substances will affect the life process. The resulting biochemical reaction of the device will be destroyed.

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