Sewage treatment equipment market in rural areas
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With the transfer of polluting enterprises from cities to suburbs and villages, it is like a double-edged sword. Apart from worrying about sewage problems, the economic benefits of sewage treatment equipment are also very large!

The water environment management in rural areas should become an important part of my country's comprehensive environmental management, and the promotion of sewage treatment equipment is what the government and the public are happy to see.

(1) Economic benefits. The direct economic benefit of rural domestic sewage treatment equipment is closely related to the shortage of local water resources. The domestic sewage after rural domestic sewage treatment can be used as irrigation water or other purposes, thereby saving fresh water resources. At the same time, improved environmental conditions in rural areas can reduce the spread of pollution-related diseases and the resulting economic losses.

(2) Energy efficiency. Rural domestic sewage and sewage treatment plants require a certain amount of energy consumption. If the anaerobic decomposition process is adopted, the generated biogas can be collected to generate electricity, which can solve part of the energy problem. Constructed wetlands or land treatment systems generally require little or no energy consumption. Decentralized sewage treatment facilities need to consume a certain amount of electricity.

(3) Environmental benefits. The direct effect of rural domestic sewage treatment is the improvement of environmental conditions, especially when the artificial wetland treatment technology is adopted, the comprehensive management of the ecological environment of the residential area can improve the living environment quality of the residents.

(4) Social benefits. Rural domestic sewage treatment can not only improve the reuse rate of water resources, alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of water resources, promote the development of agricultural production, but also improve the ecological environment conditions in rural areas, ease the population pressure in cities, and promote the harmonious development of society. The healthy and sustainable development of social economy has a positive effect.

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