What is the effect of domestic sewage treatment equipment on rural sewage treatment
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Rural life is different from urban life. The concentration of farmers in rural areas is not as high as that in cities, the intensity of domestic sewage production is lower than that in cities, the financial resources of villages and villages are weak, and the income of farmers is low. Diversify domestic sewage treatment technologies to achieve harmless treatment and resource utilization of sewage. So, what is the effect of domestic sewage treatment equipment on rural sewage treatment? Let me introduce it to you below.

The dynamic buried integrated treatment technology can be divided into biological contact oxidation method, SBR, A/O and A2/O according to the process. The principle of the commonly used A/O treatment technology is that in the anoxic pond, the microorganisms reduce the nitrate nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen in the sewage into gaseous nitrogen to escape, and at the same time decompose the refractory macromolecular organic matter into small molecular easily degradable substances. , has the functions of denitrification, hydrolysis and degradation of some organic matter; in the aerobic tank, most of the organic matter is treated by microorganisms, and enters the secondary sedimentation tank for mud-water separation, and is discharged after disinfection.

The A/O process degrades organic matter at the same time of denitrification, which greatly reduces the oxygen demand. It is an energy-saving biological treatment technology. In order to maintain a high nitrification rate, the reaction residence time is longer than that of the ordinary activated sludge method, the sludge settling performance is good, the sludge growth rate is low, the amount of excess sludge is small, and the settling performance is good.

The removal of organic pollutants and ammonia nitrogen by a series of sewage treatment equipment mainly relies on the AO biological treatment process in the equipment. The working principle is in the A-level. Due to the high concentration of organic matter in the sewage, the microorganisms are in an anoxic state. At this time, the microorganisms are facultative microorganisms. Therefore, the A-level pool not only has a certain organic matter removal function, but also reduces the organic load of the subsequent aerobic pools. The organic matter concentration decreased, but a certain amount of organic matter and higher NH3-N still existed.

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