The convenience of integrated sewage treatment equipment
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The integrated sewage treatment equipment is a device that integrates the first sedimentation tank, the I and II contact oxidation tanks, the secondary sedimentation tank and the sludge tank, and performs blasting and aeration in the I and II contact oxidation tanks to make the contact oxidation The effective combination of the activated sludge method and the activated sludge method has the advantages of both, and overcomes the shortcomings of the two, so that the level of sewage treatment is further improved. Let's introduce the convenience of integrated sewage treatment equipment to you.

1. The equipment is assembled and debugged in the factory as a whole, which saves the complicated construction, installation and debugging process on site. The equipment can be buried below the surface, or placed outdoors or indoors.

2. The adjustment tank, sludge tank, anoxic tank, biological contact oxidation tank, secondary sedimentation tank and disinfection tank are highly integrated in the integrated equipment, and the water treatment capacity is from 1-80 (m3/h).

3. Modular fan room: The fan, sludge discharge controller and automatic control cabinet are integrated and installed in the fan room.

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