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    Tianqing Power can assist government sectors to:l Improve climate change strategies and project planning;l Conduct green climate capacity building;l Design evaluation guidelines for green projects;l Provide assessments for mitigation and adaptation projects.  Tianqing Power can also support enterprises and institutions to enhance their green climate capacity, to improve their environment and social management systems(ESMS), and to communicate with International multilateral climate funds (e.g. GCF).    Specific services of climate change consultancy are shown below:l Green climate capacity building for domestic & foreign governmental departments financial institutions;l Improvement of policies and project planning for combating climate ...
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    In the context of the global response to climate change and China's globalization strategy, Tianqing Power, with its wealth of experience in climate change and customer resources, identifies and selects quality green technologies on a global scale and promotes and implements green projects in concerned countries with its partners, building a green technology platform that aims to achieve a multi-win situation.The platform will help Chinese enterprises to speed up the Chinese "Go Aboard" strategy, and promote the international balance of production capacity, allocating global resources to respond to climate change in a more efficient and intelligent way. The platform’s mitigation and adaptation technologies cover the following eight areas:l MitigationØ Ener...
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    We work together with partners and, according to GCF project implementation standards, use the advanced green technology provided by our platform and the energy management contract mode and provide investments or equity investment for green climate projects. We also aid green climate projects apply for GCF and other international multilateral climate fund grants or low-interest loans. Through the implementation of green climate projects and funding support for projects combatting climate change, using more green, intelligent and efficient methods, we promote national economic development and simultaneously help the least developed countries (LDCs), small island developing countries (SIDS) and other developing countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa. In this way we help ...
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    Carbon Asset Management Business is one of the core businesses of Tianqing Power, including Carbon Credit Development, Allowance and Carbon Credit Management, Carbon Inventory Service for Enterprise, etc.. We offer systematic carbon asset management service, assisting developing countries to achieve their INDC while implementing green climate projects. The specific elements of the carbon asset management business are as follows:l Carbon Credit Development (CDM. CCER, GS, VCS, etc.);l Allowances and Carbon Credit Management;l Carbon Inventory Service for Enterprises;l WCD report formulation business;l CDM fund application business; Presently, Tianqing Power has successfully registered 168 projects as CDM projects under the UNFCCC, among which 112 projects ...
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TIANQING POWER Green Climate Consulting Co., Ltd (Tianqing Power), established in 2005 and based in Beijing, is one of the earliest companies in the world to work in the field of combatting global climate change. Tianqing Power is committed to coping with climate change globally and has successfully registered 168 high-quality mitigation projects as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under the UNFCCC, reaching 40 million tons worth of carbon credits, helping the project owners earn CERs credits of more than $400 million, and ranking Tianqing Power No.1 among its domestic and international peers (source: China National Development and Reform Commission Climate Change Department/UNEP DTU Partne rship). Besides efficiently developing mitigation projects, Tianqing Power has been actively devoted to climate finance. Tianqing Power has been continuously tracking international climate finance mechanisms and following up on the negotiation progress of financial mechanisms under the UN...
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TIANQING POWER Green Climate Consulting Co., Ltd (Tianqing Power), established in 2005 and based in Beijing, is one of the earliest companies in the world to work in the field of combatting global climate change. 

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Nurturing a life need 37℃;Enjoying delicious food need 98℃;Building a city need 1400℃;But destroy it all just need 6℃!

Tianqing Power,always walking on the road to tackle climate change!

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