Dosing method of sewage treatment equipment
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In the process of sewage treatment equipment, it is necessary to add medicine to its equipment, then the method of adding medicine to sewage treatment equipment, Xiaobian will introduce you as follows:

1. Dosing is an important link in the sewage treatment process. Whether the dosage is reasonable is the key to determining the quality of the treated water. Different water quality requires different dosage. The dosage of various medicines should be determined through a small sample test according to the composition and concentration of the incoming water.

Generally speaking, the dosage of acid-base solution should ensure that the pH value of water reaches 6~9; the dosage of destabilizing agent is about 5~15% of the treatment amount; the dosage that conforms to the coalescence agent is about 0.5~ 1%; the dosage of oxidizing agent is about 0.5~2% of the treatment amount; the dosage of conforming speed settling agent is about 1~2% of the treatment amount. Of course, these data are for reference only.

2. All kinds of treatment agents are transported by fluoroplastic pumps, and their dosage is measured by their respective glass rotor flowmeters and controlled by inlet and outlet valves.

3. In the drawings, we can see the storage position of various water treatment agents, the position of the delivery pump and the delivery location, so as to provide convenience to users. The drawing of sewage treatment equipment is not only a plane schematic diagram, but the lifting Both the pump and the dosing pump are installed in the pump room.

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